A Testimony To Celebrate!
Downloadable Video Interview (WMV) with Linda Perry, an elder family church member. (32 megs)
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'Build A Community for God!'
Downloadable video interview (WMV) with John Doroski, whose dream was to build a Godly community. (33 megs)
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Downloadable Video Interview (WMV) with Robert and Asami Shirnov, a young church couple. Robert hails from Azerbaijan and Asami from Japan. They came together as a result of understanding the Divine Principle. (30 megs)
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Robert and Asami, an update three years later:
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Testimony of an Early Unification Church Couple:
Downloadable Video Interview (WMV) with Jim Gavin, husband and elder family church member. (25 megs)
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Downloadable Video Interview (WMV) with Gudrun Gavin, wife and elder family church member. (32 megs)
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Lloyd's Second Trip to Israel: Heart-to-Heart - Reflections of a Peace Ambassador

     Events were set in motion when, in mid-November of 2003, an urgent call went out to all those connected to the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) to participate as volunteers in a three-week mobilization in the Holy Land of Israel. The purpose was to advance the Middle-East peace process centering on a great Peace Rally to be held on December 22 in Israel. The underlying idea was that peace would not come through political or military means but that there is also a religious and spiritual side of the peace equation; that religion, at its best, brings man outside of himself and the confines of his nationality to see the brotherhood and oneness of all people as God's children. The goal was to tap in to these powerful currents and direct them toward solving the problem.

Greg: Finding a 'Clear Vision of a Peaceful World'

     I was born and raised in the Mid-Western United States (Champaign, Illinois) and grew up on the Sangamon River, like one of my favorite historical figures, that great man of faith Abraham Lincoln. Like many boys of my generation, I had a carefree childhood enjoying the great outdoors. After graduating from a small rural high school, I went to a local teacher's college to study art for two years. During this time I began seriously to consider the "big questions" of life and got involved in numerous "spiritual" conversations and activities with like-minded souls. I also began to study guitar and write songs.

The Principle of Creation
How can we know the nature of God, who is invisible? We can know it through observing the Creation. Just as the work of an artist is a visible manifestation of its maker's invisible nature, every being in the Creation is a substantial manifestation of the invisible nature of God, its Creator.

The Fall of Man
Every person has an original mind whose nature is to pursue goodness and repel evil. But fallen people are unconsciously driven by an evil force to commit evil acts, contrary to the desires of their original mind. In Christianity, the one who controls this evil force is known as Satan. This chapter, "The Fall," makes clear the identity of Satan and the origin of evil.

Mission of the Messiah
What is salvation? Salvation is restoration: to save a drowning person is to rescue him and restore him to the state he was in before he began to drown. God's salvation of man means God's restoration of fallen and sinful man to his original state of goodness -- to the position where he can fulfill the Purpose of the Creation.
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