Greetings! My name is Tom Corley, Director of the Long Island Chapter of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification(FFWPU). Welcome to our website. The FFWPU was established by Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon on May 3, 1994 on the foundation of over 40 years of work carried out by the Holy Spirit Association, more commonly known as the Unification Church, and by numerous other organizations dedicated to establishing world peace centered on God.
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God the Creator
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My Encounter With Jesus
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The Principle of Creation
How can we know the nature of God, who is invisible? We can know it through observing the Creation. Just as the work of an artist is a visible manifestation of its maker's invisible nature, every being in the Creation is a substantial manifestation of the invisible nature of God, its Creator.

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The Fall of Man
Every person has an original mind whose nature is to pursue goodness and repel evil. But fallen people are unconsciously driven by an evil force to commit evil acts, contrary to the desires of their original mind. In Christianity, the one who controls this evil force is known as Satan. This chapter, "The Fall," makes clear the identity of Satan and the origin of evil.

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Mission of the Messiah
What is salvation? Salvation is restoration: to save a drowning person is to rescue him and restore him to the state he was in before he began to drown. God's salvation of man means God's restoration of fallen and sinful man to his original state of goodness -- to the position where he can fulfill the Purpose of the Creation.

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Essentials of God's Providential History
The words recorded in this volume speak about the destiny of humankind and contain prophecy. They highlight the original principles of life, with concrete practical directions for the realization of a world of peace, and reveal recent providential history among nations.

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